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Setting up Nvidia vGPU clutser with M10 GPU for Horizon VDI

=> Type of Hardware.

I have 4 Dell Poweredge R740 Rack server with given configuration:

Intel Xeon Gold 6148 CPU.

Memory Configuration

Network Adaptors

Attached storage

NvidiaTesla M10 Graphic Card

=> Esxi Driver and Configuration

Before Adding to Cluster Just make Sure following Firmware and Drivers up to date

If your Drivers are missing , Create a Independent baseline.

. Go to Update manager

.Go to admin view

. Select patch repository and add patch.

. Then create Custom repository

. Add host in maintenance mode and Add this repository.

. Remediate the host.

Download latest vib :

Now we have to install Nvidia vib using this blog:

We can use graphic card with three different ways :

# vSGA (Virtual Shared Graphics Acceleration)

# vGPU and vDGA

=> Cluster Configuration

1) Create New vGPU cluster .

2) Make sure VMware EVC should be enabled in case you have add additional esxi's with different CPU family.

3) Add all 4 Esxi hosts in Cluster.

4) Update NTP and DNS settings.

5) Configure vMotion and vSAN vmkernel Network.

6) Create 2 Diskgroup in the vSAN with 1nvME as cache and 2 SSD's as capacity for each esxi host.

7) Check vSAN health , make sure all are showing green.

=> Parent VM creation as per user requirement.

1) If you want to use vSGA then you have to set following VM settings :

2) This does not require Nvidia license as graphics are presented using VMware drivers.

2) If you want to use Nvidia graphics , you have to set following VM settings:

You need to procure licenses for any profile you want to use and set license server for this.

=> Nvidia GRID profile set in pool.

Desktop pool you have to configure Nvidia GRID vGPU profile.

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