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Streamlining Your VMware Workload Migration: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Oracle Cloud Migration Service for OCI Native

Idea behind this blog is to showcase all steps how we can easily migrate VMware based Windows and Linux servers to OCI native.

Before we start we should understand complete Architecture , components and Migration workflow.

Migration Workflow

Now i will execute all steps as per migration workflow

First thing we need to configure appropriate IAM permissions :

Oracle cloud already have Terraform stack available which will set deploy and set all appropriate permissions.

When you launch Cloud migration service you will find Create prerequisites which will redirect you to stack creation.

Stack Creation completed and i already check Run apply , let's wait for competition.

To review stack logs you have choose resource manager service in Developer services and click on stack name , Click on Jobs and select first apply Jobs . you will find all creation logs.

Next step is Set remote connection :

Go to Cloud Migration service => Select Remote connection and create Source Environment :

Click on source environment and download Agent VM , this will download OVA in your local machine. Preferred to download on VM which is easily accessible from vCenter.

Let's deploy agent VM

Here i have set same network for External and Internal Network.

  • External Network: Choose the network that provides connectivity with Oracle cloud (Internet).

  • Internal Network: Choose the network that provides connectivity within VMware vCenter. In my case vsphere network which provides connectivity to both Oracle cloud and vMware vCenter.

I have remove Internal network from OVA appliance to avoid any confusion.

Next step is register agent. For registration you have launch OCI console where you are able to reach appliance IP because it will launch POP window to connect to appliance on TCP Port 3000.

After successfully registration , let's add dependencies , Since i am using vsphere 7 Update 2 , i am downloaded compatible VDDK VMware-vix-disklib-7.0.2-17696664.x86_64.tar.gz

  • Choose VDDK according to your vsphere version.

After download make sure it should be copied in same compartment bucket where you have created agent registration , else you will find issues.

All my plugins showing healthy , let's create asset source to collect all inventory

My Asset source showing healthy

Let's start discovery to collect complete inventory

Now our Asset discovery completed , let's create migration project and plan

Let's select Migration assets :

For demo purpose i have selected Windows and linux server. You need to make sure on windows server Oracle Virtual IO driver should be installed else it will not get IP.

Another thing we take into account is Static IP : If your servers have static IP then you have to change in OCI console using Instance console connection

Let's start replication

Similarly i did for Centos VM.

Let's deploy these VM's as OCI instance.

First Generate RMS stack and then deploy.

Deploying resource manager stack

RMS deployed successfully.

Both instances created in Compartment

During validation i am able to take remote desktop for windows machine.

I am able to ssh session of centos VM.

So in this way you can easily migrate your VMware VM's to OCI .

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