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How to Use OCI Instance Principal to access OCI services

Idea behind this blog is to learn how we use OCI Instance Principal to access OCI resources and applications

Here i am going to take an example how I am going to deploy OCI instance , check Pre-installed tools and will download object from ObjectStorage and make changes and upload the object.

Let's start with OCI Instance Deployment:

Let me quickly check OCI cli installed or not

Here I am going to use Instance Principal to access OCI object storage. For that first i need to create Dynamic group with Instance OCI then create policy to access Object family

First i have copied Instance OCID

Let me create Dynamic group:

Go to Identity & Security and then choose default domain:

All right my policy is ready . Let's try with instance principal

So i am able to access Object storage namespace

Let's try to download

I am able to download test file.

Let me make changes and upload:

So i am able to upload as well.

This is just small example but you can do lot more.

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