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NSX-T Deployment using Terraform

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

In this Blog , we are going to use Terraform to deploy NSX-T in VMware environment.

Here we first we need to prepare Terraform Environment :

1) Download Terraform :

2) After downloading setup Terraform in Environment variable. In System path we need provide Terraform Utility path and restart windows machine after save.

3) Once we are done with above steps then we can run terraform from cmd directly.

4) First we need to create file where we need to declare all variables.

5) After declaring all variables we need to initialize them using Terraform.tfvars.

6) Once we are done with this we need to prepare

  1. First we need to add provider , in my case i am using : vsphere

  2. then we need to add data source , i have added complete datacenter details.

  3. then we need to add resource where i have shared all values.

Please follow all steps here :

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